LSAANZ was established and incorporated on 8 December 2006 at its annual Law and Society Conference. Its purpose is to provide a more permanent presence and concentration for the study of law and society in Australia and New Zealand. The LSAANZ Rules will be uploaded soon.


The object of LSAANZ is to promote and foster scholarship broadly focusing on the interactions and intersections between law and society. LSAANZ does this by running, in conjunction with other organisations, centres and universities, its annual Law and Society Conference and other similar events. You can click here to read the association rules for LSAANZ.

Executive Committee

Join the 2021 executive for LSAANZ. Nominations are now open for positions on the Executive. Please download the nomination form and send it in. If you are a current member (i.e. you attended the 2019 conference) you can also nominate a proxy to vote for you at this year’s AGM on

The 2021 executive committee and management committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on 1 December 2020 via Zoom.


Trish Luker, University of Technology Sydney


Paulette Benton-Greig, University of Waikato


Allen George, University of Sydney


Juliet Davis, Griffith University

Post-Graduate Member

Nicole Shackleton, LaTrobe University

Management Committee

Esther Erlings, Flinders University

Emma Henderson, Latrobe University

Robyn Holder, Griffith University

Dean Knight, Victoria University of Wellington

Jennifer Nielsen, Southern Cross University

John Page, Southern Cross University (Prizes Sub-Committee Chair)

Bridgette Toy-Cronin, University of Otago (Communications Officer)

Jane Wangmann, University of Technology Sydney