Legalities: Journal of Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand

An international journal with a strong regional base, Legalities publishes contextually sensitive, theoretically informed, critically engaged and interdisciplinary socio-legal scholarship. It was founded in 2020 and the first volume is scheduled for publication in the first half of 2021. To submit to Legalities see the information on the website about contributing.

Other Journals with Law and Society focus

Griffith Law Review – a review dedicated to the socio-legal, inter-disciplinary, critical and theoretical study of law.

Law in Context – a socio-legal journal originally published by Federation Press and relaunched as an open access journal by La Trobe University in 2019.

Australian Feminist Law Journal –  focuses upon scholarly research using critical feminist approaches to law and justice, broadly conceived.

Publication Prizes

See our Prizes and Grants page for information about our annual publication prizes.